BrightWolves | Upthrust and the rise of the marketITer
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In which direction is the role of a marketer shifting?

In 2020, the “metier” of marketing will mainly involve the mastery of tools and the interoperability of different ecosystems. Hence, the importance of digital tech marketers who run integrated, fully measurable campaigns is increasing even further.

Welcome to the marketITer

What will be the winning combination? The rising star is the marketITer, a digital specialist moving beyond orchestrating, strategizing and coordinating.


Impactful digital marketing requires a specific, operationally-excellent and results-focused skillset touching upon different angles, ranging from high-level IT knowledge to hands-on tool expertise and a thorough marketing campaign understanding.

Welcome to Upthrust, by The House of Marketing

Upthrust, by The House of Marketing, answers the need for your operational digital marketing (technology) talent by bridging the gap between marketing and IT. Digital experts, specialized in 6 key domains (technology, growth, design, performance, media and campaigning), work on site and transfer knowledge to internal teams, while they are coached by senior subject matter experts to create the most impact.


Whether you want to make serious progress in one or more of your digital high impact projects, such as a growth plan or online advertising, or fill a digital resource gap in your existing team – Upthrust is at your service.


Iceberg principle

Dennis De Cat, who will lead the new entity, explains its remarkable name: “In physics, upthrust is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object. The pressure difference results in a net upwards force on the object. It’s our mission at Upthrust to uplift and boost digital initiatives in the broadest sense possible.”


How do they translate their mission into reality? “By hiring excellent consultants that are backed by a coaching and learning structure. That way, we combine the top and bottom, both the visible and invisible parts, of the iceberg.”


Upthrust’s website is launching soon. However, if you can’t wait to find out more, feel free to reach out to

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