BrightWolves | QuantIM independent professional Eddy Aerts: “I enjoy coaching and knowledge sharing”
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Eddy Aerts and Quanteus Group go way back

Three decades ago, he met the group’s founder while working together at McKinsey & Company. “We’ve built mutual trust and understanding over the years,” Eddy shares. “I appreciate the culture at Quanteus Group: it’s a pleasant, dynamic atmosphere. There are many young, enthusiastic consultants walking around here; I enjoy coaching them and sharing my knowledge.”

Omni-channel strategy, preparing for the digital transformation

As an independent professional (IP) for QuantIM, Eddy recently took on a consulting project at a universal bank. Today, the banking industry faces the challenge of coping with different ways of client communication – from home banking to phone banking to contact via social media. Client communication has thus clearly shifted towards digital channels, in line with the industry’s ongoing digital transformation. As a project leader, Eddy’s responsibility consisted in creating an omni-channel strategy vision with specific focus on the set-up of a coherent contact center strategy and a high-level implementation plan.


“In the initial phase, we conducted a thorough analysis of the current situation: we assessed the status at the bank and looked at how other market players are operating. In the next stage, we defined strategic choices and set up workshops to achieve a consensus. In the end, we prepared the implementation: we created a planning, highlighted major obstacles and prioritized the most important quick wins,” Eddy explains.



For this three-month project, he teamed up with a consultant from The House of Marketing. “It was refreshing to be able to work together with a young, enthusiastic consultant. We were able to combine my thirty years of experience with her fresh insights.” Eddy considers such synergies to be a significant strength of Quanteus Group. “I’m convinced that the Quanteus Group’s different entities with various expertise domains and consultant profiles contribute to a valuable staffing for projects and a significant impact creation for clients.”

Always learning

Eddy is looking forward to another challenging project. “I’ve had two careers, one as a consultant and one as a financial director. In a board of directors, you touch upon many different backgrounds, but you can’t deep-dive into anything. This project allowed me to focus on one theme for three consecutive months, so I’ve discovered all the ins and outs. It’s been a learning experience for myself as well.”


For more information about QuantIM, take a look at the website.



About Eddy Aerts

Eddy Aerts graduated with a master’s degree in economics from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and pursued a MBA at INSEAD. At McKinsey & Company, he worked on a wide range of topics in various industries. For the past twenty years, he has been active as group CFO of medium sized international companies headquartered in Belgium and the Netherlands. As an independent professional for QuantIM, Eddy engages in consulting projects managing business transformation programs.

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