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BrightWolves is growing fast and is looking for talents !



Career Starter







Are you a last year master student with a passion to make organizations successful? Are you willing to have from the start a visible impact on strategic assignments, touching domains such Corporate Finance, Organization Transformation, Data analytics or Digital Technology?

BrightWolves is recruiting Junior consultants looking for a career boost by joining our team of Bright Wolves to work on strategic business transformation challenges.


As a Junior consultant, you will start your journey with an immersion camp where you will work in team on a challenging case that will get you up-to-speed on BrightWolves high delivery standard levels.


You will then immediately start your career as a consultant by joining a team-based project with other colleagues or by working on a new individual assignment. In both cases, you will get direct responsibility towards the client while receiving the right level of support and coaching from your Mentor or other experienced colleagues.


You will rapidly be confronted with a variety of strategic topics in different industries on which you will bring your own added value.


You will work with our clients on their strategic assignments in relation to one of our Three main domains of expertise. In practice, you will be expected to:


  • Conducts interviews to understand the business of our client and listen to his ambition
  • Conduct desktop market research to provide insights on the market trends and/or competitive environments
  • Develop accurate and insightful analysis of data of the client and the market and synthesize them in a structured and concise manner
  • Develop sophisticated financial models based a set of sound hypothesis to translate the impact of a strategy
  • Draft down compelling presentations with clear messages
  • Engage and build trusted relationship with our clients

Do you Recognize yourself?

Apply now by submitting your resume and a cover letter to


Join an entrepreneurial & non-hierarchical organization


Are you a young professional looking for a more entrepreneurial environment where you can use your excellent analytical skills and helicopter view to have a visible impact on the transformation of a business?


Are you excited by topics such as Corporate Finance, Organization Transformation, Data analytics or Digital Technology?


BrightWolves is recruiting Consultants with a first experience in project management, in the industry or in a management consulting firm, willing to further expand & share expertise by supporting our clients for the execution of their business transformation challenges.


What will be your challenge?


You will work on individual or team-based assignments across a large variety of industries.


You will support our clients by delivering a professional & structured approach and in some cases the missing skills & expertise to develop & execute their strategic projects. In practice, we expect you to be able to:


  • Perform deep analysis to understand the dynamics of a business and use your helicopter view to synthesize them and assess improvement potential
  • Conduct desktop market research to provide insights on the market trends and/or competitive environments
  • Make structured assessments of existing processes, roles & responsibilities within an organization, by conducting interviews and collecting relevant data,
  • Leverage on your problem-solving skills and business judgment to identify, structure and propose solutions to the clients
  • Develop customized data-driven methodologies, financial models, KPI’s and/or dashboards to complete a qualitative argumentation with quantitative metrics
  • Set-up or lead the take the lead of a project or a project team
  • Draft down compelling presentations with clear messages
  • Engage and build trusted relationship with our clients


Knowledge sharing & co-learning is embedded in our culture. Every consultant is expected to contribute to this assets by sharing his or her own expertise or any newly acquired expertise or project learnings with the other BrightWolves and leverage on this knowledge to detect new business opportunities by sharing this expertise with our clients.

Do you Recognize yourself?

Apply now by submitting your resume and a cover letter to

Are you
a BrightWolf?

Value-Driven, result-oriented

  • Passion & ambition to make organizations successful
  • Problem solver with excellent analytical skills and sound judgment

Outstanding academic record

  • Master degree with excellent grades in commercial Business or civil engineering or a Master degree in another field with passion for business & analytics
  • Fluency in Dutch, French & English

Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Demonstrated leadership, team worker, intellectually curious, eager to learn, positive-minded, flexible

Hard worker

  • Be committed to always go for the extra mile and enjoy the journey up to the destination
  • High level of self-motivation and organization, able to meet deadlines

Fast Career Track


The career track of BrightWolves can be diverse yet will most often be steeper than in traditional corporate careers

Why join us ?



Belong - Be part of our pack

At BrightWolves you will form one close team with all the other young consultants and just like a pack of wolves you can always count on the pack. As BrightWolves is part of the Quanteus Group, you will work closely together with the experienced Quanteus Consultants, the dynamic and thriving The House of Marketing and the young and fresh Brand Buddies. Connect with these passionate professionals, share experiences and enjoy the introduction to other interesting and booming topics!


Roam - Broaden your horizons

As a BrightWolves consultant you are encouraged to work on a diverse set of projects, for a large variety of companies in virtually all industries. Explore many domains and then become an expert in your preferred one(s)!


Inspire - Be inspired by our values

Earn a strong sense of fulfilment, not only by creating a sustainable, lasting impact for your client, but also by contributing to the success and growth of BrightWolves: a flat, fast-paced and flexible structure, heavily driven by values instead of corporate rules. When you take initiative and show entrepreneurial spirit, your role will be significant and your actions decisive.


Grow - Embark on a steep learning curve

BrightWolves creates the ideal environment for you to further develop your talent and fast track your career. Together with the seasoned Quanteus Consultants, the BrightWolves team supports you in becoming the best version of yourself by offering tailor-made trainings, personal coaching and a lot of on-the-job learning. Working together with our seasoned professionals offers unique and fast professional growth opportunities.


Holistic - Strategy and Implementation

At BrightWolves, you have the unique opportunity to work on conceptual and more hands on implementation assignments. By covering the full scope of a transformation project: the conceptual strategy definition that will develop your intellectual horsepower and the pragmatic experience that will sharpen your sense of reality. The unique combination of both types of experiences offers an enormous edge over others and will transform you into a highly desired professional.


Take up the challenge

Do you like to be challenged, not only intellectually but also personally? As a BrightWolves consultant you will be confronted with the most exciting and interesting topics that motivate you to excell and grow as a person, while still safeguarding a healthy work-life balance. Every mission will involve a very high level of accountability and C-level exposure as of day one!

The voice of our Wolves

Yves – BrightWolves consultant


I joined BrightWolves – the former Quanteus Consulting – in September 2016 and did not regret it for one second! During my first year in this great team I had the fantastic opportunity to work on four completely different but equally interesting client projects, in varying team set-ups and in several sectors. I was lucky to meet and work together with incredibly passionate and talented people and experience an unmatched level of exposure, as in every single project I was in direct contact and collaboration with the client’s CEO. Additionally, I have been heavily involved in the strategic positioning and development of BrightWolves and I am responsible for the campus recruitment, one of the most important aspects of the consulting business.


Would you like to know more about my awesome experience? Get in touch with me and let’s have a coffee!

Filip – BrightWolves intern


BrightWolves (Quanteus Consulting) gave me the opportunity to work side by side with experienced professionals and even present my work to the entire upper management. It is only in a smaller firm that you can have face time with managing partners as well as have a real impact on international projects with tangible results.


For an intern, to be trusted and given such responsibility was an invaluable learning experience, I would return in a heartbeat.