BrightWolves | How we Work
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Our BrightWolves can hunt alone…

We work at the pace required by your organization, within the available budgets

Our individual assignments are supported by a strong organizational structure – internally or provided by other Group entities. A BrightWolve never walks alone…

Iceberg Principle: as a client you might only see one BrightWolf (the tip), but there is an entire organization underneath supporting the consultant (the rest of the iceberg)

… or in pack

We tailor our team of BrightWolves fully to your needs

Our team projects combine a mix of competencies with varying involvement, when needed from other Group entities, depending on the stage of the project.

Knowledge sharing & Senior coaching make an essential part of our model


Through a mix of coaching and cutting-edge personal development program, we are committed to develop the full potential of our young talents into future business leaders

Cutting-edge tailored Training Program

We ensure that all our consultants reach our high delivery standards in our three domain of expertise through

  • An immersion camp to start the new consultant’s journey
  • An advanced technical & management consulting program (modeling, PMO, problem solving, …)
  • E-learning modules

In-house Personal Development Program

Each consultant is supported at any time by a senior team:

  • A Mentor to share experiences & expertise
  • Counselor to coach on personal development
  • A Client Manager to coordinate the relationship with the client

On the job Learning

By the nature of our assignments and our non-hierarchical culture, our consultants rapidly build a strategic level of experience on C-level topics, leveraging on the senior experience of

  • BrightWolves Senior Management
  • Our clients
  • Consultants from other entities of the Group

Peer & Group support

Co-learning is embedded in our culture:

  • BrightWolves consultants sharing projects learnings & best practices
  • Quanteus Consulting sharing top-tier management consultant best practices
  • The House of Marketing sharing last disruptive trends in marketing

Network of Business leaders

Through the close interactions which they have with their clients at various levels of seniority, our consultants build a powerful network which they can leverage for future career options

BrightWolves are driven by strong values



We require impeccable behaviour and integrity in everything we do.


o subordination

Opinions and recommendations are developed based on analysis and teamwork, not on the basis of subordination.


takeholder value creation

To create long-term shareholder value we adhere to the principle of win-win relationships with the key stakeholders involved in our ventures: employees, clients, investors, banks and other key suppliers.



We are passionate about business transformation, helping clients to realize true impact on profitable growth and transformation, for being part of Quanteus and contributing to its development.



We perform our tasks and functions in an objective and independent manner. We are not bound by other interests, we do not withhold unwelcome facts nor do we provide conclusions or recommendations to preserve a relationship or further our business. We value the independence and freedom of our business transformation professionals.



We treat all people with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, religion or position. We respect the environment as a vital but vulnerable ingredient of our well-being.



We value entrepreneurial thinking and acting as the best way to create stakeholder value.