BrightWolves | How a chatbot can boost your conversion rates
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And why you should eliminate your website redirects

Chances are high the mobile device you carry in your pocket is able to request information, respond to your voice commands and perform tasks without redirecting you to a website. In that context, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in business, because of their direct, personal and seamless user experience.

Belgium’s first

BotBakery, a spin-off of The House of Marketing and embedded in Upthrust, took the opportunity to build Belgium’s very first payment-chatbot for news media brand Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN). Customers can now safely complete new subscriptions, including payment, through HLN’s Facebook Messenger and website chatbots. By retaining their customers on their Facebook platform, HLN eliminates the high risk of losing them due to website redirects.

“Being able to complete a transaction via a chatbot is an important step in optimizing the overall user experience. With this new technology, we create a real win-win: an increase in return on investment and conversion rates for businesses, and a better user experience for consumers.”


Dennis Peeters – Master BotBaker at BotBakery

Dennis Peeters

Payment security

For the creation of Belgium’s very first payment-chatbot, BotBakery joined forces with Ingenico. BotBakery’s role consisted in creating the chatbot and implementing the integration with the systems of Ingenico and HLN. Ingenico, on the other hand, continues to guarantee the highest level of payment security. A level as safe as any webshop payment, that is: no credit card data is shared with the chat app itself and the client data remain in the possession of De Persgroep.

Boosting conversion rates

The first results look promising, says Dennis Peeters, Master BotBaker at BotBakery. “Compared to the landing page on the HLN website, the chatbot brings about a much higher conversion rate.”


He shares a few interesting insights: “The tool proves to be particularly successful among the older generation: fifty to sixty-year-olds convert really well. And thanks to the conversations we’re able to track at which point exactly customers are faced with issues. For example, filling out birth dates in the format dd/mm/yy turns out to be quite difficult.”


For more information about BotBakery, visit the website.

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