BrightWolves | Highmind: ready to deliver data and AI solutions
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The glue between your business goals and technical reality

More than ever, business executives are faced with data-driven business challenges and the lack of support and knowledge in solution design, creation and implementation. Enter Highmind.

Highmind in the market

The freshly launched entity Highmind helps you as a C-level executive or business manager to solve your data-driven business goals. A solid team of data specialists provides advice and operational (temporary) support, from data and AI strategy design to the creation and implementation of tailored solutions. They specialize in data discovery, data quality, data integration, advanced analytics, insights and data governance.

Nicole Berx
Elke Horrix

Gluing goals and reality

The team at the helm of Highmind brings along extensive experience in the data, marketing and general business field. Nicole Berx, previously co-founder and senior business manager at The House of Marketing, and Elke Horrix, who has held several leading positions in the data sector, will lead the new entity.


Nicole Berx: “We think, design and build your data-driven future. We deliver data-driven solutions tailors to your organizational set-up and work side-by-side to bring your business to its full data-driven potential.”


Continues Elke Horrix: “Highmind is the glue between business goals and technical reality, because we design solutions starting from your ambitions and build them from your operational reality.” A key strength of the new entity? “Definitely the fact we’re embedded in the Quanteus Group, which allows us to leverage the existing expertise and knowledge in marketing and business transformation.”


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