BrightWolves | BrightWolf Chaimaa: “Being able to create a lasting impact at every client is my main driver”
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Chaimaa El Baroudi takes you on a tour behind the scenes at BrightWolves

Chaimaa El Baroudi was one of the first business analysts who joined BrightWolves in 2016. Since then, she has been involved in projects covering a wide range of industries. “I’ve experienced a high level of responsibility from the very first day onwards. That’s why the value of the Quanteus Group that drives me the most is ‘stakeholder value creation’: I get to create a lasting impact at every client.”


“I really enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit around here. Our company BrightWolves is still small, but growing fast – and I’m in the midst of the action. I’m taking part in our culture creation, recruitment and project hunt. So many skills I’m developing and sharpening at a fast pace!”

Juggling various responsibilities

Chaimaa recently completed a six-month project in strategy and corporate finance at an international transportation company. They required solid, analytical and hands-on support to prepare the takeover and turnaround of a large aviation contract from another market player. Chaimaa’s role consisted in the understanding of the business dynamics of the targeted operations, the assessment of improvements and synergy potential.


In successive iterations, she helped the CEO and the board to gain better insights in the value creation potential of the envisioned transaction, in order for them to reach a balanced decision. “In the end, we created a clear and detailed view on the value creation potential. The presentation we prepared was presented to the board of directors and they eventually followed our recommendation. The model we built was very flexible, so they’ve continued using it since then.”

Working independently but together

For her assignment, Chaimaa collaborated with a consultant from QuantIM, a complementary entity of top-notch, senior independent professionals within the Quanteus Group. “I like the fact we’re an integrated group, offering different services to help our clients end-to-end. With the launch of two new entities, Highmind and Upthrust, we’re finally filling all the gaps in between strategy, implementation and solutions building.”


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About Chaimaa El Baroudi

Chaimaa El Baroudi obtained a master’s in management science at Solvay Brussels School and joined a MBA program at Queens University in Canada. As a BrightWolves consultant, she has successfully performed various assignments, including finance and business transformation, covering different sectors, such as telecom, aviation and pharma.

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